Senior Dog Sanctuary

Val Lynch had a vision which was the Senior Dog Sanctuary of MD. A permanent safe haven for senior dogs who are unable to be cared for by their owners, who are abandoned or abused, or face euthanasia.

Val with Hot Shot

The Senior Dog Sanctuary, a non-profit is located in Severn, MD. Their mission is to rehabilitate and rehome senior dogs. Since its inception in 2016, the Sanctuary has rehabbed and rehomed over 400 senior dogs. In 2018 the Sanctuary rescued 139 seniors and placed 121 in adoptive homes.

All of the dogs receive around the clock care, endless love, and enrichment. The residents at the Senior Dog Sanctuary are mature adults with life experience. The principal measure of the success as a Sanctuary is the number of Senior dog lives that they enrich by providing them with a permanent home where they will be safe and loved. The more Seniors they can rehabilitate and rehome, the better. Although their canine population is more vulnerable to health issues and we anticipate that medically challenging cases may result in sad outcomes, we strive to place all rehabilitated Seniors in qualified adoptive homes. The Senior Dog Sanctuary supports Foster Hospice cases financially and emotionally in their Loving Last Home program. The program covers the costs of food, medication, and certain vet care (comfort care). The dogs in the program are believed to have a terminal condition and treatment is not recommended or would not likely be successful.” We have one “hospice” dog that went into a Loving Last Home 3 years ago. It was expected she only had weeks to live. I think it is a testament to how much having a loving home environment can affect the dog’s health. The important thing is quality of life. We don’t want them to suffer. We just want them to know love, “Said Susan Razik.

The Senior Dog Sanctuary (SDS) of Maryland recently held their first annual “Senior Stroll,”. With the support of area businesses and dog lovers, Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis went to the dogs. There were vendors, baskets to raffle, food to enjoy, and dogs of every size (from a shorky (Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix) to a truly “Great” Dane) walking, sniffing, and competing in a costume contest. Volunteers walked their dogs and others brought SDS Senior’s looking for their forever homes. The “Senior Stroll” helped The Senior Dog Sanctuary continue their mission to rehabilitate and rehome senior dogs.

Another program the Sanctuary offers is the Seniors for Seniors program.
The program allows seniors who need to move to an assisted living facility,
but will not because they would have to give up their dog, a loving home
for their dog while they are in the facility. The Sanctuary cares for their
dog either at the shelter or via foster care and provides access to the owner
either at the Sanctuary or the assisted living facility.

The Senior Dog Sanctuary is always looking for help with volunteers,
foster families, adoption support, fundraising, events, and donations.
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