Emergency & Specialty Care In Columbia, Maryland

Residents in Howard County, MD, and surrounding areas now have a 24-hour emergency hospital to take their pet to in the event of an emergency. The Pet E.R. and CVRC (Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Center), CVSS (Chesapeake Veterinary Surgery), along with the other specialty practices included in the umbrella of specialists under CVRC opened their doors the beginning of November in Columbia, Maryland. The location will be the third multi-specialist and E.R. location owned by CVRC.

CVRC was established over twenty years ago, with the first location in Annapolis by a group of veterinary specialists who wanted to bring top-notch specialty care to the pet-owning community and primary veterinarians in Anne Arundel County and beyond. Since then, each practice within CVRC has grown exponentially and allowed them to expand to Towson and the new Columbia location. CVRC has the capability to utilize multiple board certified specialists from different practices, collaborating with the primary veterinarian to ensure the best possible outcome for the pet.

The recent purchase of the Pet+E.R. in Towson expanded the offering of specialists by offering 24-hour emergency care. Pet+E.R. had always been in the same building as CVRC in Towson, MD but run as a separate entity. Now owned by CVRC, emergency care will be offered by Pet+E.R. at the new Columbia location in addition to the Towson location. “Operating as a specialty referral center with the practices housed in the same building has offered expansion opportunities over the years because owners recognize the convenience of having the specialists all in one building. They can come in through the ER for an emergency and be referred for surgery without their pet ever having to leave the building,” said Adriane Watson, Director of Marketing and Outreach for the Pet+E.R.

Columbia was chosen for the third location because the managing partners (veterinarians) saw a need for specialty services in the marketplace. There is no existing specialty referral center in or around Columbia; the closest, aside from CVRC in Annapolis or Towson, would be CARE in Frederick or Hope Advanced Veterinary Center in Rockville. The Columbia location allows us to serve pet owners and the referring community in their backyards and make specialty veterinary care much more convenient and readily available.

The new Columbia location will have many of the same specialists available that the other two locations have including Pet+E.R. (24-hour emergency and critical care), Chesapeake Veterinary Surgical Specialists, Atlantic Veterinary Internal Medicine & Oncology and CVCA – Cardiac Care for Pets. In addition, advanced diagnostic imaging, including high definition CT scanner, and isolation unit for critical care cases, oxygen cages, physical therapy including underwater treadmill and more. The hospital is brand new and conveniently located off Route 32.

Referrals are required for every practice, except the Pet+E.R. If your pet has been diagnosed or needs to be seen by a specialist ask your veterinarian for a referral to CVRC.

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